Saturday March 09, 2019
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Please read thoroughly as your submission of online registration is your acceptance of race waiver for yourself and all that are registered on your form. Once you read the information below you must check the box to continue with registration.

I recognize and acknowledge that there are certain risks of physical injury to participants in Extreme Color Run, and I voluntarily and knowingly agree to assume the full risk of any and all injuries, damages or loss, regardless of severity, that I may sustain as a result of said participation. I further agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have (or which may accrue to me) as a result of participating in these activities against South Louisiana Family Festival including its affiliates, owners, managers, officers and employees, the race officials, agents, volunteers, sponsors, and the owners and operators of the venue (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Administrators”). Participants registering for the race, programs/activities must recognize that there is an inherent risk of injury when choosing to participate in recreational activities/programs. I agree that I am solely responsible for determining if I am physically fit and/or skilled for the race or activities contemplated by this Assumption and Release. It is always advisable, especially if the participant is pregnant or disabled in any way or recently suffered an illness, injury or impairment, to consult a physician before undertaking any physical activity. I, for myself and my heirs, do hereby fully release and forever discharge the Administrators from any and all claims for injuries, including death or incapacity, illnesses, damages, expenses or loss that I may suffer arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with the race, program or activities including injuries caused or associated with transportation to and from the event. I have read and fully understand the above important information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims. When registering online, my online registration submission shall substitute for and have the same legal effect as an original form signature. PARTICIPATION WILL BE DENIED, if I have not accepted this waiver before the close of registration for the event.

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