Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a runner to participate in this run?

Absolutely NOT! Other 5k’s test your speed and performance. The Extreme Color Run is about a fun-filled colorful fellowship kind of day with your friends and family. Crawling, walking, and running are acceptable ways to cross the finish line.

What do I wear the day of the run?

When you show up to the best day of your life, you should be stylin’ in a plain white t-shirt so that the world will know you have just experience the EXTREME COLOR RUN!

What is included with my registration?

Each registered participant will receive The Extreme Color Run pack which includes a bunch of goodies prepared with you in mind. The people who register before the 2-week deadline will receive a totally cool t-shirt.

Is The Extreme Color Run a charity or a non-profit organization?

The Extreme Color Run is a signature event of the The Extreme Ranch Rodeo hosted by The Church International. It is an outreach to share The Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ to the community. It is also a tool used to raise money for families wishing to send their children to a christian school.

What is the inspiration behind The Extreme Color Run?

The Extreme Color Run is The Extreme Ranch Rodeo’s version of the very successful Color Run. The idea of an untimed, less structured fun race is a terrific opportunity to engage people in a safe family fun event. It is our hope that as we share the fun, crazy love of Jesus through this event, that people would be drawn to live their lives for Him.

Can children participate?

Absolutely!!!....providing that you are the coolest parent in their world and willing to be doused in color with them. As long as they can walk, run, jog or be strolled we are good.

Can I run with my cat, dog, parakeet, frog?

Safety is our priority. For that reason we do not allow pets of any type at the race.

How do I get my participant kit? How does that work?

Approximately 5 days prior to the event, Pre-Run Party details, including the when and where, will be emailed to registered participants as well as posted to the web page.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

No, we would rather see your smiling face and ask that you pick your own packet from one of our friendly volunteers at the check in table.

How is the color administered along the course?

Along the course you will see many friendly people whose main job is to douse you with color to ensure you to be as colorful as Skittles when you cross the finish line. The health and safety of our participants is a priority for us. The colored powder used is non-toxic and free of heavy metals. Some participants wear glasses/goggles and bandanas/mask.

Do you have a cleaning station at the finish after party?

We are planning to have air blown cleaning at the after party. With a good blowing off, you should be good for the ride home, not 100% clean, but good. You could bring a towel or a change of clothes too.

Can Spectators attend the after race party?

They sure can! Let them know they might not leave as clean as they came.

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the color zones?

If you do bring your phone/camera we suggest you cover it to protect from these sneaky color particles.

Is the run timed?

The Extreme Color Run is NOT a timed event. Run, crawl or walk at your pace. We suggest you time yourself if you are interested making an amazing personal record.

Are there refunds?

We cannot issue refunds if the event is held as advertised. Rain won’t stop The Extreme Color Run. In the event of a major weather event, check the website for details. Text messages/emails will also go out notifying you of updates.

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